Series 2 Ep 1 – Adam Buxton


16th March 2022 1hr 3 mins. Download (MP3)
Featuring Funky Munch by Shed Jam Studios

Hi everyone,

We’re back for more! Thanks so much for listening to our first series, we’ve been busy since the new year making plans for this new season & lining up a wonderful array of guests.

To kick things off, we have the amazing ADAM BUXTON who talks to us about his methods for creating his amazing jingles, some of his earlier work – and the sincerity behind it that took even him by surprise at a live show – and much more. We also have an exclusive performance of his own counting song…

You can catch up with all things Adam, and download his podcast, at

This week, David & Phil take their first steps into an ambitious new project for the podcast… tune in to find out more!

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