Series 3 Ep 2 – Amy Webber


9th November 2022 1hr 30mins. Download (MP3)
Featuring Cringe Dad by The Midlife Crisis Orchestra

Series 3 is rocking along with the wonderful AMY WEBBER!

This week David & Phil look at the humour in the music of the 1950s, and revisit some of their favourite tracks of the era, before diving into the second part of this series’ improvised Nativity.

This week’s interviewee is the multi talented AMY WEBBER, a previous Audience Choice Winner and, more recently, a finalist in the Musical Comedy Awards who has been making us laugh on Instagram for some time now – we find out all about her process, and get to hear it in action – and now you can too!

And we have a competition / contest entry from The Midlife Crisis Orchestra – with a track called ‘Cringe Dad’…


We’re trying something new this series, so here’s the plan;

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