Series1 Ep10 – Song Contest/Competition Roundup


8th December 2021 34 mins. Download (MP3)
Featuring Delighted (Happy Song) by Teresa Livingstone

Songs In The Key Of Laugh – Episode 10 – Song Contest/Competition Roundup

Songs In The Key Of Laugh is a lighthearted, action-packed podcast hosted by Corky and the Juice Pigs founder, Phil Nichol and musical maestro David Tims.

Each week, they will delve in to the world of comedy songs and musical comedians. There will be laughs, gaffs, parody games and heaps of fun alongside in-depth interviews with some of the world’s finest purveyors of comedy songs and musical comedy.

This week, we don’t have a guest – but we do have YOU!!!

All the songs that have been submitted over the series are featured here in this roundup of the Songs In The Key Of Laugh Song Contest / Competition…

Check out all the songs that have been entered in full in their respective episodes;

Episode 3 – Martin Zerfahs – 8 First Cousins

Episode 3 – Edy Hurst – Robot Knee

Episode 4 – Ed McArthur – Osteopath

Episode 4 – Ashley Frieze – Billionaires Are Going To Space

Episode 5 – Matt Lewis-Stewart – Hancock Stop Masturbating

Episode 6 – Edy Hurst – The Phone Call

Episode 7 – Masters Of The Scene – Dad Bod

Episode 8 – Canadians In Space – Only Next Door

Episode 9 – Mark Johnson – Horsefriend

Episode 10 – Theresa Livingstone – Happy Song

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